Varahi Homa-Varahi Navratri 04.7.22 Varahi Sankalpam

Varahi Homa-Varahi Navratri 04.7.22 Varahi Sankalpam

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When is Varahi Homam performed:

Varahi Homam is considered one of the fundamental ceremonies in Hindu conviction. In India, it is performed prominently in all temples during the Navaratri celebration. It is likewise performed on favorable days like Panchami (5th Day), Ashtami (eighth Moon stage), Navami (ninth Moon stage), Chaturdasi (fourteenth Moon stage), Magha Amavasya (New Moon in the period of Magha month, Maasi in Tamil) ( Mid Feb-Mid March), Jyestha Amavasya (New Moon in the long stretch of Jyestha ( Mid-June-Mid July), Chitra ( Mid-April-Mid May) and Karthigai (Mid Nov-Mid Dec)Pournami (Full Moon). For the most part, All Amavasya days are favorable to perform Varahi Homam.

Advantages of performing Varahi Homam:

Impediments and condemnations dispensed with from the horoscope of an individual.

Favors of wellbeing, riches, and flourishing

Freedom from the evil eye, psychic attacks, misfortune, and black magic

Triumph over foes

It helps fix any genuine, substantial afflictions.

Rectifies any unwanted impacts from Dosha

Help from agony and languishing

Satisfies any desires

Achieves salvation

Gives pardoning and expiation of sins.

 Place: Rudra Parihaar Raksha Centre, 1st Flr, Amarnath Flats, No.4, 126, Lake View Rd, West Mambalam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600033

Prasadam: Varahi Rakshai for Home (To Hang inside House)

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