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We poojahomam.org, have pledged to provide Real Vedic, Tantric, and Shaivagamic solutions to solve problems of all kinds. We’ve learned and trained Yajur, Rig, Sama, and Atharva Veda Purohits and Pandits to conduct the homams and Poojas in a traditional Vedic way.


"I have been following Guruji's video's for the last one year . A lot has changed in my life .. and positivity has become more .. Thank you. Guruji."

Kalpana Raja

"Gurubyo namaha I have tried and so many of guruji's remedies and it has brought positive changes in my life. I was amidst of problems like a lost person in a forest did not know which direction to go, I started following Guruji and his remedies threw a light on my path and eventually problems started to resolve automatically, things started falling in the right place. My heart and mind has a inclination towards spirituality. He takes time out of his busy schedule and posts videos for people like us. I pray god to shower lots of good health, wealth and love on him and his family. Thanks to guruji."

Vihaan Games

"Morning starting from chakra activation, Digh devatha manthra.... night 11 times chanting. Allthese practices gives so many good vibes & benefits. The poojas& specific day rituals & manthra enhances positivity &power to me though time & responsibilities restrict me from following all. Thank you so very much Sir"

Nirmala Ramachandran

Guruji “s remedies are always unique , simple to follow yet powerful . The way he combines law of attraction with ancient teaching to suit this modern life is simply mind blowing . I have practise some of the remedies such as lighting up camphor with two cloves in the kitchen , the healing numbers ( most of it according to my needs ) , using bay leaves n cloves n cinnamon powder when putting sambrani in the house have given me the result which I hv wanted . Also practising the methods to activate pineal gland , hand chakra, using symbols , conducting various poojas at home as per his guidance n again all this has given me positive results . Working on few more remedies n will update the results once I hv achieved it . I believe the key for all remedies is unconditional faith and without any desperate feelings . Guruji , Thank you so much 😊 and Keep Rocking! 13/6 I would like to share one of Guruji”s remedy which was successful for me . We wanted to sell a property for sometime n we had difficulty to do so for years . Due to lockdown I couldn’t get the things which was required for the remedy n manage to get only last Saturday . I followed exactly like how Guruji taught in the video. Today we got a call from the agent that we got a confirm buyer . In the video , Guruji mentioned it will take 21 to 45 days but it took only 8 days . All it takes is a strong dose of faith n confidence in Guruji remedies which is simple n powerful . N whatever challenges we face in the process we should always remember not to feed our negative thoughts . Guruji , You are awesome !!! You”re my Hero n Indeed You are my Super Star . Thank you for everything 😊


Pranams guruji.! The space is limited to post my unlimited experiences told by guruji. All of his remedies are working powerfully. No words to express my gratitude towards him.

Shrikanth Mahadevan

Sir,you have shared many free information to the viewers and it is working well too....I after following your videos,I have started reading mantras daily morning and finding it useful and peaceful to start my day..now a days even to teach a Gayathri mantra others are charging hefty amount,but you've given us many useful mantras and once in a while you ask us to share it to others or subscribe to the channel..Thank you would be a small word, please accept my pranams..

Prashaantt o