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    🌟 Join Us for Chithirai Panchami Vasya Varahi Homam + Varaha Puja at Aishwarya Ashta Buja Varahi Amman Temple on 28.4.24! 🌟

    Date: April 28th, 2024 Time : 3:00 PM ONWARDS
    Place : PTMS,Pattabhiram, Aishwarya Ashta Buja Varahi Amman Temple

    Address : Sri Selva Vinayagar and Kalyana Raamar Aalayam
    ஶ்ரீ செல்வ விநாயகர் அண்ட் கல்யாண ராமர் ஆலயம்
    அஷ்ட புஜ ஐஸ்வர்ய வராஹி கோவில்
    43M5+H2X, PTMS, Pattabiram, Tamil Nadu 600001

    Location :

    The passage delves into the symbolic significance of deities in Hindu Puranas, focusing on the different manifestations of Śrī Lalitā Devi. The term Vaśya refers to the attraction under the influence of the Divine Mother Vārāhī Devi, who has the face of a sow and is the supreme commander of all armies under Śrī Lalitā Devi.

    Śrī Aśvārūḍhā Devi, mounted on a horse, leads the cavalry forces under Śrī Vārāhī Devi and symbolizes control over thoughts, compared to fast-moving horses. Śrī Sampatkarī Devi commands the elephant cavalry, representing the removal of stubborn tendencies and the conditioning of demeanor.

    Śrī Lalitā Devi embodies the Supreme Reality Parāśakti, symbolizing super-consciousness. When she manifests as Śrī Mahāṣoḍaśī, she embodies the mind (Śrī Rājaśyāmalā) and the body (Śrī Mahāvārāhī), guiding actions. This spiritual journey emphasizes managing thoughts and overcoming stubbornness to silence the mind and fulfill desires.

    The Śrī Vaśya Vārāhī Devi homam ritual combines the benefits of spiritual and material attraction, aiming for success in mundane achievements and a luxurious life.

    Benefits :

    Attraction and Influence: The homam is believed to help in attracting the desired outcomes, whether in personal or professional spheres. It is said to influence people's opinions and actions favorably.

    Success in Relationships: By performing the homam, one may experience improved relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. It can enhance understanding and harmony in relationships.

    Material Prosperity: The ritual is believed to bring wealth and prosperity, making it easier to achieve financial goals and maintain a luxurious lifestyle.

    Spiritual Growth: Vaśya Vārāhī Devi homam can aid in spiritual progress by helping one control desires and silence the mind, thus allowing for a deeper connection with higher consciousness.

    Victory over Adversaries: The homam is said to provide protection against enemies and adversaries, ensuring safety and victory in conflicts.

    Healing and Protection: This ritual can provide healing and protection from harm, both physical and metaphysical.

    Success in Business and Career: The homam is believed to create a favorable environment for business and career success, attracting opportunities and overcoming obstacles.

    Overall Well-being: By invoking the blessings of Vārāhī Devi, one can achieve a sense of well-being, balance, and harmony in life.

    Performing the Vaśya Vārāhī Devi homam with devotion and sincerity can bring these benefits, enhancing one's overall quality of life.

    Prasadam : Vasya Varahi Akarshana Kunguma Tilakam

    Those who attends directly can get 'Shripal' a natural tiny coconut,symbolises Mahalakshmi and attracts wealth.

    Don't miss this opportunity to experience the grace of Varahi Devi firsthand! 🙏