chandi homam benefits

What is Chandi Homam ? Chandi Yagam Benefits

What is Chandi Homam ? Chandi Yagam Benefits

Chandi Homam is a Hindu ritual dedicated to the worship of Goddess Chandi, a form of Goddess Durga. The purpose of the Homam is to invoke the divine energy of the goddess to bring positive change in the life of the performer by removing obstacles, overcoming enemies, and overcoming Doshas in the performer's horoscope.

Goddess Chandi is a fierce form of Shakti, the Hindu goddess of power, who represents feminine strength and energy. Her name means "She who tears apart thought," as she is believed to tear apart thoughts that feed the ego and divert us from the righteous path. She is depicted as a black or red-complexioned deity with 12 arms, each holding a weapon or object symbolizing power and destruction.

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The Chandi Homam is performed during the daytime, usually during Navratri or on days such as Ashtami, Navami, Chaturdasi, Magha, Amavasya, Jyeshta Amavasya, Chaitra, Karthika, or Pournami, which are considered to be the most auspicious days for the ritual. Before the Homam begins, the performer installs the idol of Goddess Chandi along with Lord Ganesha's idol and performs a Ganapati Pooja to seek the blessings of the Lord of Beginnings.

The Homam involves making a fire inside a Homakunda using materials such as camphor, dry coconut, dry grass, etc., and reciting special mantras to invoke the goddess. The performer worships elderly married women, aged couples, and bachelors, and recites the Durga Saptashati (Chandi Path) to pay homage to the goddess. Finally, an Aarati is offered to the goddess as a sign of respect and gratitude.

Chandi Homam is recommended for those who have planetary afflictions in their horoscope, are victims of evil spells, curses, black magic, witchcraft, or any other negative energy, fear death or anything else, or have committed sins. The ritual is believed to bring success in all endeavors, help in achieving victory over enemies, and provide relief from Doshas.This puja is especially important for those who follow Shaktism in Hinduism and believe in the supreme power of the goddess. The puja involves chanting of the Chandi mantra 700 times and is usually performed during the Navratra festival in India.

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The rituals involved in the Chandi Homa are very traditional and require the assistance of a highly skilled and experienced pandits. The pandit must have a deep understanding of the Hindu scriptures, as well as the traditional rituals and customs associated with the puja. The pandit must also be able to perform the various rituals with accuracy and devotion.

Chandi Homa requires a lot of preparation, including the selection of an appropriate location, the gathering of necessary materials, and the arrangement of the puja ceremony. This can be a challenging task for many people, especially for those who are new to the Hindu tradition.

However, with the advent of online puja services, such as PoojaHomam.Org, conducting a Chandi Homa has become much easier. These services provide trained and experienced pandits who can perform the puja with all the required rituals, mantras, and offerings. They also take care of all the arrangements and provide the necessary materials to perform the puja.



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