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    🌟 Join Us for Panchasata Sangabhishekam & Varahi Homam at Aishwarya Ashta Buja Varahi Amman Temple on 07.4.24! 🌟

    Date: April 7th, 2024 Time : 9:30 AM ONWARDS
    Place : Pattabhiram, Aishwarya Ashta Buja Varahi Amman Temple

    Address : Sri Selva Vinayagar and Kalyana Raamar Aalayam
    ஶ்ரீ செல்வ விநாயகர் அண்ட் கல்யாண ராமர் ஆலயம்
    அஷ்ட புஜ ஐஸ்வர்ய வராஹி கோவில்
    43M5+H2X, PTMS, Pattabiram, Tamil Nadu 600001

    Location :

    What is Panchasata Sankabhishekam ?

    Panchasata Sankabhishekam: A Sacred Ritual at Aishwarya Ashta Buja Varahi Amman Temple! ✨

    🐚 What is it?
    Panchasata Sankabhishekam is a revered ceremony where 500 sacred Sankhs are honored.

    ⛲️ What happens?
    During Aiswarya Puja, these Sankhs are adorned with reverence. Then, Ambal receives sacred ablutions (Abhishekam).

    🔥 Varahi Homam:
    Experience the divine blessings as we conduct the sacred Varahi Homam, led by the esteemed ShriGuru.Vamanan Sesshadri of VSESHA TRUST. This powerful ritual offers numerous benefits:

    🔹 Dispelling Impediments: Clearing hurdles and negativities from your horoscope, paving the path for success and prosperity.

    🔹 Health, Wealth & Prosperity: Receive the blessings of Varahi Devi for robust health, abundant wealth, and overall well-being.

    🔹 Protection from Negativities: Ward off the evil eye, psychic attacks, misfortune, and black magic with the divine grace of Varahi Amman.

    🔹 Triumph Over Adversaries: Gain strength to overcome obstacles and emerge victorious in the face of adversities.

    🔹 Healing Powers: Seek relief from physical ailments, as Varahi Homam aids in addressing serious health concerns.

    🔹 Fulfillment of Desires: Invoke the goddess's benevolence to fulfill your heartfelt wishes and aspirations.

    Prasadam : Aiswarya Varahi Yantra (1)

    Those who can come directly can get Energized Aiswarya Thengai (Coconut) to keep in Puja Room without any Dakshina-But Must Book in Advance and Get the Coupon. For Free Coupon call Temple Trustee Mr.Mahendran +919600070048 or Temple Priest Mr.Dinesh Sastrigal +919962955915

    For more information and Sankalpam bookings, Please contact +918754402857. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the grace of Varahi Devi firsthand! 🙏